Barnicle and Husk: The Adventure Begins (for pre-readers ages 3+)

$ 12.95

Author: Mary Shields  

Published: 2017

Paperback, 32 pages, illustrated by Bob Ostrom

For pre-readers ages 3+

Barnicle and Husk: The Beginning takes readers on an adventure beyond the Mayflower. Husk, an orphaned mouse, is befriended by a young Wampanoag girl named Running Deer. As Husk learns the way of her people and is accepted into her family, an unlikely cat named Barnicle comes into his life and challenges Husk to find his own way in the New World. Full of adventure and authentic details of Wampanoag life, this tale of friendship and family is just the beginning for this cat and mouse pair. This adorable read-aloud offers a historically accurate view of America’s founding story that will charm children and adults alike.