The Royal and Noble Ancestry of Edward III King of England (1327–1377): A London Family Lineage

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Author: Dr. J. Phillip London
Published: June 2012

This volume presents Dr. J. Phillip London’s lineage from Edward III, King of England, and thus his connection to some of the most powerful and storied figures in history: Charlemagne, St. Irene, Alfred the Great, Louis VII, El Cid, William the Conqueror, and others.

More than just a family history, Dr. London’s chronicle of his ancestry is in essence a global history that spans centuries, continents, and civilizations. From his ancestors’ involvement in the creation of the Magna Carta to the Crusades, the Battle of Hastings to the beheading of Charles I, readers will not only learn about these remarkable families, but also their influence on the past and present world.