Families of Early Guilford, Connecticut, Two Volumes

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Author:  Alvan Talcott

Published: reprinted in two volumes 1997

Softcover, 1,379 pp. in all

Condition:  Very Good

The plan of this work is to record the genealogies of all families resident in Guilford from the settlement of the town in 1639 to about 1890. Special attention is accorded the earliest families, of course, but in general all families resident in Guilford for more than one or two generations are covered, a feat well within the author's compass since he served as Registrar of Guilford and had unlimited access to town and family records. As far as is practicable, each line is traced from the settlement of the town downward, and the descendants who removed from Guilford to other localities are followed to as near the cut-off date of 1890 as possible. The record of each family is complete in itself, giving the residence  and the date of birth, marriage, and death of each member, with numerical references, in certain cases, to ancestors and descendants.