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A British Country House Alphabet: A Historical & Pictorial Journey by Curt DiCamillo is a new series of three high-quality hardback volumes that will enchant seasoned country house visitors—and amaze people new to art and architecture—as they read about surprising snippets of history that occurred at, or because of, a country house in England, Scotland, or Wales. The series uses the alphabet to frame the astonishing variety of material, with the first volume covering letters “A” through “H.” Each volume contains fascinating content and beautiful illustrations, presenting famous historical events or cultural innovations that are associated with specific British country houses. The engaging—and often humorous—text is the manifestation of Curt’s long-standing love of the British country house, which has served as a stage and backdrop to a host of beguiling stories. The crisp, zesty text is an exhilarating whistle stop tour—perfectly pitched for pleasurable sampling! 

“This kaleidoscopic survey of the British country house is a treasure trove of delights. Every quirky and unexpected detail reveals a new perspective on the endlessly fascinating story of Britain’s greatest cultural legacy to the world. In Curt DiCamillo’s sparkling prose these houses have at last found their troubadour, gifting an authentic and original voice to their matchless glories.” Ben Cowell, OBE, Director General, Historic Houses Association, London

The series of ABC Books is made possible by Nancy Clay and John W. Webster

By Curt DiCamillo

7 x 10 hardcover, 134 pages, 149 illustrations

Published by NEHGS in June 2024, Printed in Wales

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