A Dictionary of Heraldry

$ 24.75

Author: Charles Elvin

Published: 1999 reprint of 1889 original

Paperback, 235 pages

Condition: Excellent

This is an extremely useful and comprehensive illustrated dictionary of heraldic terms, a necessity whether one's interest is that of an artist, engraver, heraldist, librarian, or genealogist. The outstanding feature of this book is the set of 47 plates (done by Elvin) depicting over 2,500 illustations of the various heraldic charges, with blazonings, arranged by subject headings such as "Badges," "Bend," "Chevron," "Cross," and the like, thus providing a complete dictionary of terms, each term having an exact reference to a matching illustration. As a result, the identification of unrecognized charges is easy. The usefulness of the book for the study of heraldry is manifest; it can be used quite readily by almost anyone at any stage of study and research. In a science as complex and exacting as heraldry, Elvin's "Dictionary" provides much needed clarification and, as it were, ventilation--no small contribution to any discipline.