A History of Richland County (South Carolina)

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Author: Edwin L.Green

Published: 2014 reprint of a 1932 original

Softcover, 385 pp. Volume One 1732-1805

Condition: Very Good

The centerpiece of this work is an exhaustive collection of will abstracts (pp. 207-361), compiled from wills in the Office of the Judge of Probate at Charleston, Camden, and Winnsboro (1747-1783) and from the Office of the Judge or Probate of Richland County (1785-1865). The wills extend beyond the dates specified in the ostensible coverage of the volume itself, which perhaps explains why a second volume was never produced. Information contained in the wills includes the names of the testators; names of heirs and their relation to the testator; bequests of real and personal property; dates of recording and probate; names of executors, witnesses, and appraisers; and exact citations to the original will books and page numbers.