American Ancestors Magazine Special Edition: 2020--Your Guide to the Mayflower 400th Anniversary

$ 6.95

Anticipating the 400th anniversary of the Mayflower crossing, this special commemorative issue of American Ancestors is devoted entirely to the history, relevance, and impact of the Mayflower and its passengers and crew. Drawing on our extensive staff expertise and the contributions of partner organizations, this issue is the first, definitive guide to the 2020 anniversary. Tours, events, and resources, and organizations from the United States, Wampanoag Nation, United Kingdom, and Netherlands are represented. The issue features a definitive guide to tracing Mayflower descent and a wide variety of topics, such as understanding the Pilgrims through their home libraries and artifacts, Wampanoag perspectives on colonization, Jewish influences on Pilgrim thought, and a reader’s pilgrimage back to his ancestor’s baptismal church. NEHGS resources are explored, including our groundbreaking Mayflower website portal and new and classic publications.