"By a Line of Marked Trees": Abstracts of Currituck County, North Carolina, Deed Books [1], 1-2, and 3, pp. 1-122, 1696-1774: Volume I

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Author: John Brayton

Published: 2000

 Paperback, 186 pages

Condition: Excellent

Nearly all of the early records of Currituck County itself have been lost. Although Currituck County's wills were abstracted in the 1960s, the task of abstracting the county's colonial deed books went wanting until 1999. In that year, John Brayton transcribed for publication the contents of Currituck County Deed Books 1,2, and parts of 3. He has now completed the task of transcribing the remainder of Deed Book 3 and all of Deed Book 4 (which is now available as Volume Two).