Cherokee Citizenship Commission Dockets, Volume II: 1880-1884 and 1887-1889

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Author: Jeff Bowen

Published: 2010

Paperback, 361 pages

Condition: Excellent

The book at hand, the second in a series, concerns the rulings of the Cherokee Nation Commission on Citizenship (a creation of the Tribal Council) on cases of citizenship. (It should be noted that the Dawes Commission of 1893 subsequently scrutinized the Cherokee Commission dockets in making its final determinations on citizenship for members of the Five Civilized Tribes.) Cherokee Commission Dockets 1880-1884 and 1887-1889. Volume II consists of abstracts of Dockets 287-718 of the Commission. Besides the names of the applicant and the presiding commissioners and the date of the determination, in most instances the transcriptions identify the names of family members and their relationship to the person(s) filing the application. In all, researchers will find references to about 4,000 Cherokee claimants in this volume.