DeKalb County, Alabama - Probate Court Records, 1836-1930

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Author:  Dorothy Smith Duff

Published: 2012

Paperback, 359 pages

Condition:  Very Good

The work at hand abstracts and indexes DeKalb County, Alabama, Probate Court records for the period 1836-1930. These records include sales of land for division, guardianships, homestead exemptions, widow and minor exemptions, World War I war risk insurance claims, right of way hearings, adoptions, and some wills and estate settlements. In addition, select entries are made for overseers of roads, overseers of the poor, and tax list adjustments. Researchers will find a far more complete list of wills and estates in the compiler’s two-volume "Dekalb County, Alabama, Wills and Estates, 1836-1929," published in 2010, to which this is a valuable companion volume.