Dutch Colonists in the Americas, 1615-1815

$ 19.00

Author: David Dobson

Published: 2008

Paperback, 97 pages

Condition: Excellent

While much is known about the lineages of the thousands of Netherlanders who settled in the Americas during the 17th and 18th centuries, David Dobson’s new book is derived from European records that generally have eluded the grasp of North American researchers. During the course of his researches in Rotterdam, Amsterdam, London, Barbados, and other archives, Mr. Dobson gathered a considerable amount of information concerning Dutch individuals who ventured to the New World between 1615 and 1815. Many of these references were found in obscure sources. In the style of most of his directories, Mr. Dobson has arranged these Dutch emigrants alphabetically by surname. Typically, the notices provide a date and place of residence in the New World, the individual’s occupation, and a citation.