East Prussians from Russia

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Author: Michael Anuta

Published: 1998 reprint of  1979 original

Paperback, 293 pages

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Following the subjugation of the indigenous Prusi people by the Teutonic Order during the 13th century, the region known as eastern Prussia emerged as a kind of haven for Christian settlement. During the 1860s, however, numerous East Prussians migrated to the Ukraine and the Russian province of Vohlynia in search of more abundant land. The promise of a better life in Russia proved to be short-lived, however, owing to the abolition of serfdom, universal military conscription, and Russian ethnocentrism. As a result, by the 1890s, large numbers of East Prussians from Russia began to emigrate to the United States, with many, like the author's parents, settling in Wisconsin. This is the account of that historic pilgrimage, and it devotes ample space to both the European heritage of these Prussian-Americans and the Wisconsin settlements that ensued. Based upon years of research, "East Prussians from Russia" identifies some 240 Prussian families that re-settled in Marinette and Oconto counties, Wisconsin.