Family Treasures: 175 Years of Collecting Art and Furniture at the New England Historic Genealogical Society

$ 59.95

By Gerald W. R. Ward 

Published: April 2020

Hardcover, 176 pages, 123 full color illustrations

The NEHGS Fine Art Collection is the story of the United States. From exceptionally rare 17th-century Boston portraits to images that tell the struggle of slavery, this important collection spans almost four centuries of American history. Elegantly photographed and displayed throughout the pages of this book are the first deathbed portrait in America; a rare image of the beginnings of West Point by the man who designed Washington, D.C.; unique art that was witness to the founding of the republic; stunning armorial and family history artistry; a very rare poster that is a snapshot of the birth of the historic preservation movement in the United States; beautiful early American furniture; and a collection of art and relics associated with John Hancock, the possessor of the most famous signature in American history. The pages of this unique and exceptional book will bring the history of these pieces—and the soul of NEHGS—into your home.