Family Trees: A History of Genealogy in America (used)

$ 19.95

Author: Francois Weil
Published: 2013

The quest for roots has been an enduring American preoccupation. Over the centuries, generations have sketched coats of arms, embroidered family trees, established local genealogical societies, and carefully filled in the blanks in their bibles, all in pursuit of self-knowledge through kinship ties. According to author François Weil, this long and varied history of Americans’ search for identity illuminates the story of America itself.

NEHGS is featured in this intriguing look at the history of American genealogy.

Weil considers why America's present- and future-oriented society with blended cultural values so treasures knowledge of group identities… Clear, fully annotated, subtly analyzed, timely, and nuanced, this book offers both general and academic readers a new view of genealogical research in America in a 'why they did it' rather than a ‘how to do it’presentation.

 —Frederick J. Augustyn, Jr., Library Journal