Georgia's Roster of the Revolution, Containing a List of the State's Defenders; Officers and Men; Soldiers and Sailors; Partisans and Regulars; Whether Enlisted from Georgia or Settled in Georgia After the Close of Hostilities

$ 59.50

Author: Lucian Knight

Published: 2000 reprint of 1920 original

Paperback, 658 pages

Condition: Excellent

This unique collection of Revolutionary War rosters identifies upwards of 9,000 persons who either fought for the State of Georgia in the Revolutionary War or took up residence there following the conflict. The name of every such person can be found in the index at the back of the volume. The majority of the names were drawn from manuscript records in the Office of the Secretary of State, now on file in the Georgia Department of Archives and history. Other lists were compiled from unpublished and published rolls of the U.S. government, records of the War Department, reports of the D.A.R., and from secondary sources. Among the valuable rosters included are: Officers of the Georgia Battalion and Georgia Brigade; the "Le Conte" List of Bounty Surveys, or Head-Rights, Recorded; various Georgia land lottery lists; a list of Revolutionary graves; and the scarce Georgia Revolutionary Pension Rolls of 1835.