Historical and Genealogical Miscellany Data Relating to the Early Settlers of New York and New Jersey, 5 vols.

$ 140.00

Author: John Stillwell

Published: 1998 reprint of 1903-32 originals

Paperback, 5 volumes, 2,000+ pages

Condition: Excellent

This monumental five-volume set, commonly referred to as Stillwell, contains genealogical records of early New Jersey and New York (principally Staten Island) and genealogies of the families of the early settlers of New Jersey, with lineages and records of thousands of their descendants. Volumes I and II comprise important early records, including parish registers, marriage records, court and town records, land surveys, warrants, and quit rents. Volumes III-V contain genealogies of the families of Applegate, Ashton, Bowne, Bray, Brown, Burrowes, Campbell, Chamberlain, Coward, Cox, Crawford, Curtis, Dorset, Eaton, Edwards, Fitz Randolph, Grover, Hartshorne, Holmes, Huet, Kearny, Lawrence, Layton, Leaming, Leeds, Lippit, Lyell, Morford, Morris, Mott, Mount, Murphy, Ogborne, Potter, Salter, Seabrook, Shepard, Spricer, Stout, Tallman, Throckmorton, Tilton, Wall, Walling, Watson, White, Whitlock, Whoolley, Winter, and Woodward. Each volume has a full name and subject index, so the labor of searching is reduced to a matter of seconds. The awesome publication contains references to upwards of 100,000 persons and subjects.