History of Augusta County, Virginia

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Author:  J. Lewis Peyton

Published: 2004

Paperback, 428 pages, 2nd Edition

Condition:  Excellent

This is the standard work on the county, and it is essentially a narrative account of Augusta from its aboriginal beginnings and Spotswood's discovery of the Valley of Virginia through the Civil War. Genealogists will value the book for its genealogical and biographical sketches of the following pioneering Augusta County families found in the Appendix to the volume: Baldwin, Bell, Campbell, Christian, Crawford, Fleming, Hanger, Hughes, Johnson, Koiner, Lee, Lewis, McCue, McDowell, McCulloch, Madison, Mathews, Peyton, Poe, Porterfield, Preston, Sheffey, Stuart, Tate, Waddell, Wayt, Wetzel, and Zane.