History of the Early Settlement and Indian Wars of Western Virginia

$ 32.95

Author: Willis De Haas

Published: 1997 reprint of 1851 original

Paperback, 416 pages

Condition: Excellent

This is an able retelling of life and death on the 18th-century frontier adjoining colonial Virginia (now mostly West Virginia), Pennsylvania, and the Ohio Territory. Most of the narrative focuses on the intensely violent period on the frontier from the beginnings of the French and Indian War through the end of the century. Mr. De Hass' coverage includes General Braddock's ill-fated expedition to Ft. Necessity, Indian hatred of the British, the formation of Virginia's land companies, Lord Dunmore's campaign, numerous atrocities on all sides, the victories of George Rogers Clark and Anthony Wayne, and the relinquishment of Indian titles to much of the land in question. The final quarter of the work consists of biographical sketches of the leading actors in the Border Wars.