In Search of Your European Roots 3rd edition

$ 14.95

Author: Angus Baxter

Published: 2001

Paperback, 315 pages

Condition: Very good

This work is designed to guide the reader through the complexities of genealogical research in Europe, whether done in person or by correspondence. It covers the various types of genealogical records available in each country, where they are found and how they are used. Described in detail are the archival resources of each country from the national to the local level; the location of church records and census returns; the systems of civil registration of births, marriages, and deaths; and how to find and use such records as certificates of domicile, orphan lists, emigration registers, guild records, internal passports, confirmation records, and even vaccination lists. Besides the customary revisions and updates, this Third Edition includes--for the first time-- telephone numbers, e-mail addresses, fax numbers, and URLS for most of the major European archives and organizations.