Index to American Genealogies & to Genealogical Material Contained in All Works as Town Histories, County Histories, Local Histories, Historical Society Publications, Biographies, Historical Periodicals, & Kindred Works w/ Supplement, 1900 to 1908.

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Author: Joel Munsell's Sons

Published: 1997 reprint of 1900/1908 original

Paperback, 352 + 101 pages, 5th edition

Condition: Very Good

"Munsell's Genealogical Index," as this work is generally known, is an index to family histories "buried" in biographies, periodicals, compendia, newspapers, proceedings, transactions, local, town, and state histories, and, in fact, any work that might yield genealogical information--up to the time of original publication in 1908. Its range is immense, and it is therefore not surprising that it contains over 15,000 family names with upwards of 60,000 references to printed works, giving author, title, and exact pages of the work in which the genealogical data are given.