Index to District of Columbia Wills, 1801-1920

$ 29.00

Author: Dorothy S. Provine

Published: 1992

Softcover, 218 pp.

Condition: Very Good

This important new genealogical resource is an alphabetical name index to more than 22,700 wills filed in the District of Columbia Orphans' Court (probate Court) from 1801 to 1920. The documents are arranged by year of filing and thereunder alphabetically by the name of the person making the will. In one alphabetical sequence, the entries in this new finding-aid give the name of the testator, the year the will was filed (which was usually, but not always, a short time after the death of the individual), and the number of the archives box that contains the document. Wills indexed here refer to some of the most illustrious personalities in American history.