Intestates and Others from the Orphans Court Books of Monmouth Co., N.J., 1785-1906

$ 19.95

Author: Judith Cronk

Published: 2002

Paperback, 236 pages

Condition: Excellent

This new work instantly assumed a position as a vital resource for Monmouth County, New Jersey, genealogy. Compiled by Mrs. Cronk from volumes A through I, K through S, and 1 through 8 of the Orphans Court Books of Monmouth County, this collection of abstracts focuses on intestates, their heirs, and other family members mentioned in estate allotments, guardianships, and an assortment of miscellaneous records buried among the vast collection of the Orphans Court. Each entry begins with the main surname in the record, followed by the page number of the Orphans Court Book in question. In all the compiler abstracted 2,200 separate records, containing references to more than 12,000 intestates, heirs and associated individuals. The records are arranged chronologically, and each person found in an abstract is referenced to the three-column name index at the back of the work. In general, the earlier records merely identify the intestates and the names of their children or other heirs; by the mid-19th century, however, heirs are identified by share portions or specific relationships to the deceased.