Irish Relatives and Friends From "Information Wanted" Ads in the Irish American, 1850-1871

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Author: Laura DeGrazia

Published: 2001

Paperback, 464 pages

Condition: Excellent

The "Irish-American," a weekly newspaper published in New York City for the edification of the Irish immigrant population, began publication in August 1849, at the height of the great exodus from Ireland. Besides news items of interest to the Irish community, the paper ran a popular classified section for people seeking information on relatives and friends who had recently taken up residence in the U.S. These classified ads appeared in a column entitled "Information Wanted," and because of their genealogical value they have been transcribed in their entirety for this publication. The ads are of particular importance to the genealogist because they usually indicate the Irish county, townland, or parish from which an immigrant came, and virtually all Irish genealogical research is based on the identification of these jurisdictions.