Jamestowne Ancestors 1607-1699: Commemoration of the 400th Anniversary of the Landing at James Towne, 1607-2007

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Author: Virginia Davis

Published: 2006

 Paperback, 108 pages

Condition: Excellent

"Jamestowne Ancestors" is a list of approximately 1,000 persons who are known to have owned land or resided on Jamestown Island between 1607 and 1699. They are listed here alphabetically along with their known dates of residence in Jamestown, their official position in the colony (landowner, burgess, etc.), and their place of origin or county of residence. In addition, the book contains details concerning the settlement of the island, a brief history of Jamestown plantations and hundreds and their evolution into the early counties of Virginia, and pen and ink drawings, together with maps of the fort and city of Jamestown.