Kegley's Virginia Frontier

$ 75.50

Author: Frederick Bittle Kegley

Published: 2003 reprint of a 1938 original

Softcover, 822 pp.

Condition: Very Good

With its vast territorial rights and claims, Virginia at one time had the most extensive frontier of any of the original thirteen states and colonies. Moreover, Virginia served as a gateway for the various migrations to the west, northwest, and southwest by early colonists, including the intrepid Scotch-Irish. By far the most authoritative and comprehensive account of the advance of the Virginia frontier in colonial times is Kegley's Virginia Frontier--a mammoth work detailing the social, religious, and family life in Southwest Virginia from 1730 to 1790. The narrative is divided into five parts: Part I covers the Virginia frontier from the beginning of the colony to 1740; Part II covers the period from 1740 to 1760; Part III tells the story of the Virginia frontier in the French and Indian War; Part IV covers the closing years of the war and the settlements from 1760 to the organization of Botetourt County in 1770; and Part V details the organization and development of Botetourt County from 1770 to 1783.