Local Census Listings, 1522-1930. Holdings in the British Isles

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Author: Jeremy Gibson

Published: 1997

Paperback, 52 pages

Condition: Very good

Civil censuses in Britain prior to 1841 were purely statistical surveys, so a detailed list of local censuses for the whole period 1522 to 1930 must be of enormous value to the genealogist. As used here the term "local census" refers to lists of inhabitants which are not connected with the 1841-1891 civil censuses. Covering entire communities, this survey of the holdings of eighty British record offices covers such records as Communicants Lists and parish censuses in England and Wales, Examination Rolls in Scotland, and lists of church members in Ireland. Also listed are "drafts" of the 1841-1891 civil censuses secreted in parish and private collections, some 1801-1831 borough censuses which were actually name lists rather than summaries, tax lists such as the 1694 Marriage Tax, rate lists, including the earliest local census so far discovered in Britain (Coventry, 1522), and censuses taken for charity distribution by overseers of the poor. This is one of the most helpful guides to the location of records in Britain so far published in the distinguished series of Gibson guides.