[New York] Calendar of Wills

$ 54.00

Author:  Berthold Fernow

Published: 2007 reprint of an 1896 original

Softcover,  657 pp.

Condition: Very Good

This sought-after volume contains abstracts of 2,162 wills, giving the name of the testator, place of residence, date, names of wife and children, legatees, names of executors and witnesses, and the number of the will. Arranged in rough alphabetical order and thereunder approximately chronologialy, this work identifies some 15,000 persons from the wills filed, which were filed from all around New York State. The complete name index at the back of the book further enhances its usefulness. Fernow's Introduction, consisting of an explanation of New York testamentary law, is another outstanding feature of this collection of the earliest wills on record for New York State.