Notable Kin Volume One

$ 30.00

Author: Gary Boyd Roberts
Published: 1998

Notable Kin Volume 2

Millions of Americans will find scores of distant noted kinsmen in this book, the first of two anthologies of columns initially published in the NEHGS NEXUS, 1986-1995. Often expanded, these columns, now chapters, explore the ancestry, and often interrelationships, among a host of notable figures. These include members of the British Royal Family and Canadian or European prime ministers with American connections; New England signers of the Declaration of Independence or the Constitution; novelists, poets, historians and others who created the "flowering of New England"; early feminists; and Civil War generals. Bush, Clinton, and several First Ladies are covered also, and various "surprising connections" are treated as well. Fans of the column will much enjoy this updating of the politics and literature section of Mr. Roberts's corpus.