Ohio Source Records from The Ohio Genealogical Quarterly

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Published: 2007 reprint of 1986 original

Paperback, 665 pages

Condition: Excellent

This book is composed of articles from The Ohio Genealogical Quarterly, a periodical so scarce that not even the Library of Congress has a complete set. By the time it ceased publication in April 1944, the "Quarterly" had turned out a voluminous body of data, chiefly cemetery records, tax lists (the 1810 tax list, in particular), newspaper abstracts, and vital records, the combined articles bearing reference to about 45,000 persons. Owing to the extreme scarcity of the "Quarterly", this priceless data has been virtually inaccessible. It seemed a reasonable object therefore to gather this material together and bring it out in a reprint edition, which is now in hand, complete with index.