Orderly Book of the "Maryland Loyalists Regiment," June 18, 1778, to October 12, 1778.

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Author:  Captain Caleb Jones

Published: 1996 reprint of an 1891 original

Softcover, 111 pp.

Condition:  Excellent

Including General Orders Issued by Sir Henry Clinton, Baron Wilhelm von Kuyphausen, Sir William Erskine, Charles, Lord Cornwallis, General William Tryon and General Oliver De Lancey.  Edited by Paul Leicester Ford

The orderly book of this Maryland Loyalist Regiment follows its career from June 18, 1778, to October 12, 1778. It begins with the evacuation to Philadelphia and covers the march across the Jerseys and the foraging tour and cantonment on Long Island. Most of the entries are concerned with day-to-day soldier assignments or troop movements; however, there are many internal references to members of the regiment. Paul Leicester Ford's Introduction to the Orderly Book, moreover, contains a partial roster of the Maryland Loyalists.