Passengers from Ireland: Lists of Passengers Arriving at American Ports Between 1811 and 1817. Transcribed from "The Shamrock or Hibernian Chronicle"

$ 19.95

Author: Donald Schlegel

Published: 1999 reprint of 1980 original

 Paperback, 157 pages

Condition: Excellent

It is widely known that few ship passenger lists were recorded in the decade prior to 1820 and that reliable information on immigrants of this period is almost beyond reach. Mr. Schlegel's book, however, redresses the balance to some considerable degree. Deriving from the New York newspaper "The Shamrock" or "Hibernian Chronicle," this book includes all data published on immigrants during the entire seven-year run of the paper and presents the lists in their original format so that family groupings are readily apparent. In substance, it comprises passenger lists for the whole period 1811 to August 1817, supplying information on over 7,000 travelers.