Pioneers of Old Monocacy, The Early Settelemtn of Frederick County, Maryland 1721-1743

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Author:  Grace L. Tracey and John P. Dern

Published: 1987

Hardcover, 442 pages

Condition: Excellent

This is a definitive account of the land and the people of Old Monocacy in early Frederick County, Maryland. In essence, the book has a dual focus. First it attempts to locate and describe the land of the early settlers. This is done by means of a superb series of plat maps, drawn to scale from original surveys and based both on certificates of survey and patents. These show, in precise configurations, the exact locations of the various grants and lots, the names of owners and occupiers, the dates of surveys and patents, and the names of contiguous landowners. Second, it identifies the early settlers and inhabitants of the area, carefully following them through deeds, wills, and inventories, judgment records, and rent rolls. Winner of the 1988 Donald Lines Jacobus Award!