Prominent Families of New Jersey, in two volumes

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Author: William Starr Myers

Published: 2000 reprint of 1945 original

Paperback, 1,340 pages

Condition: Very good, slight ripple to front cover of volume II and to corner of volume I

This publication was excerpted from the five-volume Story of New Jersey, edited by William Starr Myers and published in 1945, and has been renamed Prominent Families of New Jersey. The essays emphasize the subject's education, military service, career, and various memberships and affiliations. In virtually every essay we learn the names and associated dates of marriage, birth, and death of the principal subject and his parents, spouse, and children. In most instances the genealogical record is extended back to the 19th century. In perhaps a quarter of the essays, moreover, such as that of C. Edward Murray of Trenton, the genealogy is traced as far back as the mid-1700s. In all, this rich source of New Jersey biographical and genealogical data covers the history of nearly 4,000 family lines and refers to nearly 20,000 individuals.