Quaker Arrivals at Philadelphia 1682-1750

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Author: Albert Myers

Published: 2007 reprint of 1902 original

Paperback, 131 pages

Condition: Excellent

This important volume consists of a chronological list of Quaker immigrants who registered, upon their arrival in Philadelphia, with the Philadelphia Monthly Meeting of Friends, by far the largest Quaker meeting in the province. It is based on the certificates of removal from the Meetings of Friends of which they were members in other countries and other colonies. The work is instrumental to the researcher interested in tracing early immigrants to Penn's Colony. A large proportion of the Quakers who immigrated into the Province of Pennsylvania took up residence in Philadelphia. Of the nineteen monthly meetings established in Pennsylvania prior to 1750, the Philadelphia Monthly Meeting easily ranks first in the number of certificates received. As a rule, the certificates give the following information: name, date of certificate, former place of residence, former meeting, date of receipt, and other details of quaint and useful interest.