Roll of Apprentices, Burgh of Aberdeen, 1622-1796. Three Booklets in One

$ 15.00

Author:  Frances J. McDonnell

Published: 2015 reprint of a 1994 original

Softcover, 110 pp.

Condition: Very good

This volume, originally published as three separate booklets, is derived from the Register of Indentures for Aberdeen spanning the period 1622 through 1796. The entries, which are arranged alphabetically by the surname of the apprentice, give the name of the apprentice’s father, place of birth, name and trade of burgess apprenticed to, length of apprenticeship, and the date entered in the register. Researchers hoping to discover the whereabouts of Aberdeen ancestors who (or whose kin) ultimately immigrated to the Americas would do well to consult this heretofore obscure source.