Scots Episcopalians at Home and Abroad, 1689-1800

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Author: David Dobson

Published: 2011

Paperback, 162 pages

Condition: New

For his latest book genealogist and historian Dr. David Dobson has surveyed a variety of primary and secondary sources for the purpose of assembling a list of baptism, marriage, and death records in the absence of official registers. Many records are in original manuscript form in churches or diocesan libraries, some are in typescript or manuscript sources in the National Archives of Scotland, while a handful of others have been published in full or in part. All of Dr. Dobson’s entries identify the Episcopalian by name, location, a date, and the source. Many attest to the individual’s confirmation, spouse or other relative, occupation, and even destination in the colonies. While he would be the first to claim that his efforts are far from comprehensive, the compiler has nonetheless rescued the religious affiliation of about 2,000 18th-century Scots men, women, and children that might otherwise have eluded researchers for years, if not decades, to come.