Scots in Poland, Russia and the Baltic States, 1550-1850

$ 22.50

Author: David Dobson

Published: 2000

Paperback,169 pages

Condition: Very good, binding slightly loose

For this new book, Mr. Dobson combed through more than forty manuscript collections and published works to arrive at a list of 2,500 Scots who settled in the Baltic. Arranged alphabetically, the entries furnish the individual's name with variants, a place of residence in Eastern Europe, the date of the record, and its source. Given the widely disparate character of the subject matter, one may also find a reference to the individual's place of origin in Scotland, occupation, relationships to other persons named (i.e., parent, spouse, offspring), membership in a fraternal organization, etc. Spanning a period of 300 years, Mr. Dobson's ground-breaking collection of Scots in the Baltic may just produce the ancestral clue to your Scottish heritage in the last place you were expecting to find it.