Settlers of Maryland, 1679-1700

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Author: Peter Coldham

Published: 201 reprint of 1995 original

Paperback, 231 pages

Condition: Excellent

"Settlers of Maryland 1679-1700" extends Gust Skordas's renowned "Early Settlers of Maryland" through the last quarter of the 17th century, identifying several thousand immigrants and their colorfully named tracts. Based on the same series of records as Skordas--Land Office books on file at the Hall of Records in Annapolis--the entries in this work are arranged by family name, county, name of tract granted, acreage, date, and reference to original source(s). Tract names often suggest English places familiar to the settler--perhaps places of origin or residence--and they are so many and so various that an index of tract names has been appended to the book.