Ships from Scotland to North America, 1830-1860

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Author: David Dobson

Published: 2005

Paperback, 115 pages

Condition: New

David Dobson has compiled a new list of vessels that traveled from Scottish to North American ports between 1830 and 1860. The purpose of the volume is to enable researchers to link their immigrant ancestors' first whereabouts in America with their port of embarkation in Scotland, and thus possibly the emigrant's region of origin. Based mostly on sailings documented in contemporary Scottish newspapers, Dobson identifies 1,500 ships that made nearly 5,000 transatlantic passages during the thirty years under investigation. In every one of these voyages, the notices announced the departure of a particular ship "with passengers." Mr. Dobson has arranged the vessels in alphabetical order, giving, for each voyage, the port of origin, port and date of arrival, name of the captain, the source of the information, and sometimes the number of passengers. While not exhaustive, this work contains the names and the ports and dates of departure and arrival of the majority of ships carrying emigrants from Scotland to America between 1830 and 1860.