Specialist Indexes for Family Historians, First Edition

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Author: Jeremy Gibson

Published: 1996

 Paperback,  64 pages

Condition: Very good, some fading on spine

This guide is a combination of the "specialist indexes" which have until now appeared in the guide formerly called "Marriage, Census and Other Indexes" and in a separate guide called "Unpublished Personal Name Indexes in Record Offices and Libraries." With the exception of census records and marriage records, "Specialist Indexes" is a guide to just about every other class of records that might be of use to the genealogist--everything from apprenticeship records to tithe lists, from tax rolls to debtors lists, and from indexes of foundlings to lists of vagrants. In the preparation of this work, Mr. Gibson circulated 600 libraries and record offices throughout Britain asking for details of manuscript indexes to their collections. The responses were then broken down by geographic region and by record group. Published here, they form what is almost certainly the most comprehensive guide to unpublished finding aids available.