The Ancestry of Russell Makepeace of Marion, Massachusetts, 1904-1986

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Author: Zelinda Makepeace Douhan
Published: 2004

This carefully researched genealogical work traces the history of the Makepeace family. It begins with Henry Makepeace (of Burton Dassett and Fenny Compton, Warwickshire, England), who died in 1537/8, the earliest identifiable progenitor of the American Makepeace family. The book proceeds from the first Makepeace in America, Thomas1 Makepeace (1595–1666/7), who came to Boston in the early seventeenth century, to the present day descendants, with many other ancestral lines, including Alexander, Bowerman, Bowers, Chipman, Crocker, Hinckley, Hodges, Holton, Jones, Russell, Swift, Taylor, Watson, and Wild. Originally researched by Russell Makepeace and Lenn A. Bergsten, this book was commissioned and edited by Zelinda Makepeace Douhan. It was further researched, enlarged, and prepared for publication by Shirley M. Pizziferri. An appendix by Gary Boyd Roberts is entitled “Some Notes on Presidential Cousins and Royal Descents and Connections.”