The Irish in New England

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Published by the Dublin Seminar for New England Folklife

Published: 2016

Paperback, 169 pages

Condition: New

  • Introduction / Donald R. Friary
  • New Ireland to New England: The McCormick Family's Peregrinations from Ulster to New Brunswick to the Boston States, 1822 to 1935 / Donald R. Friary
  • Irish Labor Unrest on an Early Massachusetts Railroad / Katheryn P. Viens
  • Irish Influence in Gilded Age Newport / John F. Quinn
  • "An Enemy to this country": Rev. John Houston and the Revolutionary Culture War among New Hampshire's Irish Presbyterians / Peter E. Gilmore
  • Wemms et al.: The Enlisted Men at the Boston Massacre / J. L. Bell
  • The Irish in Rhode Island / Robert W. Hayman
  • Irish Immigrant Families in New England and Ethnic Inheritance / Jonathan Keljik
  • The Greening of Norwood: Irish Migration and Life in a Massachusetts Town / Patricia J. Fanning
  • Faces and Makers: The Irish Presence in Eighteenth-Century Boston Furniture and Silver / Gerald W. R. Ward
  • John Brenon: The Saga of an Eighteenth-Century Irish Showman / Peter Benes
  • David Claypoole Johnston and the Boston Irish, 1825-1865 / Jack Larkin
  • Irish in New England Bibliography / Donald R. Friary
  • Notes.