The Maine Historical and Genealogical Recorder, Volumes IV - VI in one volume

$ 66.75

Author: Stephen Watson

Published: 1973 reprint of 1884-1898 originals

Paperback, 800+ pages, one book with volumes IV-VI

Condition: Excellent

This work consists of a multitude of articles covering every conceivable facet of Maine genealogy, with special emphasis on town and church records, biographies, family histories, and cemetery inscriptions. Documentation and research meet the most impeccable professional standards, and contributions are unique and exhaustive. The researcher is spared the necessity of digging through thousands of extant records in various locations and is able to examine many records that no longer exist in the original. Typical contents include articles on religious and ethnic settlements, early pioneers, army musters, land grants and claims, births, marriages and deaths, historical sketches, wills, censuses, and town histories. Each of the nine volumes is separately indexed, the names alone numbering nearly 15,000 altogether.