The Pension Roll of 1835, Indexed Edition in Four Volumes

$ 225.00

Author:  United States War Department

Published:   2002 reprint of an 1835 original

Softcover, 3,183 pp. in all, Four Volumes

Condition: Excellent

The Pension Roll of 1835 is the most complete roll of Revolutionary War pensioners ever published. Compiled by the War Department under Senate resolutions of 1834-35 from lists of pensioners who had been enrolled under all previous acts of Congress, as well as from replacement records for those lists of pensioners which had been destroyed in fires at the War Department in 1801 and 1814, it contains the names and service records of approximately 60,700 soldiers, both regulars and militia. Information given for each soldier, in tabular form, generally includes rank, annual allowance, sums received, description of service, date when placed on the pension roll, age, and date of death or date of the law under which the pension was granted. Also included in some instances are statements giving the names of family members.