White Slave Children of Charles County, Maryland: The Search for Survivors

$ 36.00

Author:  Richard Hayes Phillips

Published:  2005

Paperback,  413 pages

Condition:  Excellent

In this companion volume to "Without Indentures: Index to White Slave Children in Colonial Court Records," Dr. Richard Hayes Phillips takes the story forward--examining the treatment of children kidnapped and sold into slavery, and identifying those who survived. For this book Dr. Phillips has indexed seventy-five years of handwritten records from Charles County, Maryland (1658-1733). The records are nearly complete and most have never been transcribed before--872 "servants" without indentures were brought to this county, and 333 were owned by the judges on the very court that sentenced them to slavery. Also included is an Encyclopedia of Survivors, which assembles all that is known about the lives of the children following their release from servitude. Many of these biographical sketches trace descendants for several generations, refer to acquisitions of land, and contain other details useful to genealogists.