$ 19.99

The EasyGenie Genetic Genealogy Triangulation Kit is a research tool that can help genealogists determine how they are related to DNA matches on test results, and even identify specific shared ancestors! Other potential benefits of triangulation include:

✅ Ancestry confirmation

✅ Discovering new surnames

✅ Connecting with distant relatives.

The EasyGenie Genetic Genealogy Triangulation Kit contains three types of forms to help you organize and cross-reference your matches:

Personal Profile (5 sheets): Use this form to record basic data for the person seeking matches. This could be you, a parent or grandparent, or someone you are helping with genealogy research.

Promising Matches (10 sheets): You may have hundreds or even thousands of potential DNA matches. This two-sided worksheet allows you to focus on the most promising matches, including people who share lots of DNA and/or people who are from branches that you don't know much about. Each sheet covers 25 matches.

Match Profile (10 sheets): List additional information about DNA matches, including predicted relationship, family details, and shared matches.

Instruction Booklet (4 pages): Covers genetic genealogy basics and explains how to use the forms.

The three types of paper forms are easy to cross-reference, and the archival quality paper will last for many decades if stored in a cool, dry place.

These high-quality paper forms are made in the USA on archival-quality paper that won't turn yellow or crumble. Size: 8.5 x 11 inches. Makes a great genealogy gift or a resource for people researching their family tree and ancestry.

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