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As the eldest grandchild on both sides, Albert J. Zdenek, Jr. has always been the collector of his family’s stories and memorabilia. This thoroughly researched, beautifully designed and illustrated book explores how the branches of his family left Germany, Ireland, and Bohemia (today’s Czech Republic) to settle in America’s Mid-Atlantic and Midwest. Pennsylvania was the hub most of these families passed through before 1950, when Albert James Zdenek, Sr. wed Rose Marie Mildred Prince in Philadelphia. The book’s three parts include coverage of five ancestral lines of Albert James Zdenek, Sr. (Zdenek, Janoušek, Kennedy, Huber, Bailey), seven ancestral lines of Rose Marie Mildred Prince (Prince, Molitor, Johnson-Grew, Fletcher, Wine, Hitt, Hagerty-McGinnis), and, finally, a touching personal memoir about the couple and their children.  

By Kyle Hurst and Albert J. Zdenek, Jr.

Published by Newbury Street Press in November 2021

9 x 11 hardcover, 492 pages, illustrated

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