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The Mayflower 500 outlines the Mayflower descents of 585 figures in American history or contemporary life. Included are political, literary, or artistic figures; actors, actresses, or musicians; inventors; military officers; explorers; business leaders; scientists; social scientists; college presidents and religious notables; athletes; and even two circus performers. A first appendix covers 50 more figures descended from brothers of John Howland or Gov. Edward Winslow, and a third appendix covers Mayflower descents of current staff, and living officers, Trustees, or Councilors of NEHGS.  

This pioneering work is the first extensive treatment of famed Mayflower descendants. It will allow all Americans with Mayflower lines, up to 35 million, to identify cousins (a few to several hundred) often admired, read, or studied. Readers may find ancestors whose Mayflower lines are a surprise, plus numerous shared surnames. Documentation is largely through printed sources, plus for recent generations, a wide variety of Internet items. 

Written by Gary Boyd Roberts 

Published by NEHGS in February 2020

6 x 9 hardcover, 1126 pages 

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