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Portable Genealogist: Verifying Your Mayflower Lineage

$ 7.95

Simple steps and expert tips for researching Mayflower ancestors.  By Lindsay Fulton and Christopher C. Child, NEHGS Experts Published by NEHGS in April 2020 8 ½ x 11 laminated, 4 pages

The Great Migration Begins Immigrants to New England 1620-1633 (3 Volume Set)

$ 125.00

Already a classic, this three-volume set contains the most accurate, up-to-date information on over 900 New England families! The information on each individual or family includes their port or country...

The Great Migration Newsletter, Volumes 21-25

$ 14.95

Under the leadership of Robert Charles Anderson, the Great Migration Study Project aims to compile authoritative genealogical and biographical accounts of every person who settled in New England between 1620...

Great Migration Family Register Chart

$ 14.99

Great Migration Inspired 16 Generation Family Register chart A perfect way to show your connection to your Great Migration ancestor! This blank family register chart is designed to record up...

E-book Edition of Elements of Genealogical Analysis

$ 19.99

Purchasing this product will provide EPub and Mobi (Kindle) editions of the book. After purchase, e-book download information will be delivered by email. Analyze records and make sound genealogical conclusions using...

Chronicles of the Pilgrim Fathers of the Colony of Plymouth, From 1602 to 1625

$ 29.95

In this 1841 publication, Young has gathered a number of lengthy documents covering the history of the Pilgrim Church in Scrooby and Leiden, the transfer of part of that congregation...

Chronicles of the First Planters of the Colony of Massachusetts Bay, From 1623 to 1636

$ 29.95

Originally published in 1846, Young’s compilation of two dozen contemporaneous documents depict the preparations for the settlement of Massachusetts Bay Colony, the migration process itself, and some events from the...

The Great Migration: Immigrants to New England 1634–1635, Volume VII, T–Y

$ 64.95

The years 1634 and 1635 were watershed years for New England immigration, representing as much as 20% of the total for the period 1620–1640. This now-complete seven-volume set provides profiles...

Mayflower Descendant, Volume 68, No. 2: Summer 2020

$ 25.00

In this issue: Families: Brown, Brownell, Carwer, Chilton, Church, Closson, Crandall, Crawford, Delano, Doley, Fuller, Grinnell, Hemingway, Jones, Marsh, Morton, Reed, Richards, Rowley, Standish, Westgate Other features: a special editorial...

Mayflower Descendant, Volume 66, No. 1: Winter 2018

$ 25.00

In this issue: Families: Allyn, Brewster, Davidson, Dyer, Flanders, Hurst, Lewis, Mitchell, Mullins, Rogers, Spaulding, Tilley Sources: Stoughton Mass. Marriages, 1727-1851 Other Features The result of an agreement with the...

Mayflower Descendant, Volume 64, No. 1: Winter 2016

$ 25.00

In this issue: Families: Orcutt, Shippey, Alger, Carrier Sources: Easton Vital Records Town Study: Scituate First published in 1899 by George Ernest Bowman, founder of the Massachusetts Society of Mayflower...

Mayflower Descendant, Volume 65, No. 1: Winter 2017

$ 25.00

In this issue: Families: Chipman, Churchill, Collins, Drew, James, Keen, Simmons, Winslow Sources: Stoughton [Mass.] Marriages, 1727-1851 First published in 1899 by George Ernest Bowman, founder of the Massachusetts Society...
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