$ 24.95

Author: Ethel Farrington Smith
Published: Mar-07

Early Families of Hull, Massachusetts tells the story of the families who settled seventeenth-century Hull. The book gives a short history of the town from its beginnings as a trading post known as Nantascot to its Revolutionary-era activities. It then profiles approximately thirty of the town s early settlers, with the surnames Baker, Bartlett, Benson, Bibble, Binney, Bosworth, Bunn, Camball, Chaffey, Chamberlain, Cole, Collier, Coomes, Goold, Green, Hett, Jones, Lincoln, Lobdell, Loring, Milton, Phippen, Prince, Shore, Soper, Squire, Steel, Stone, Stubbs, Vickery/Vickars, Ward, Wheaton, and Whitman. In her many years of research, Ethel Farrington Smith relied on seventeenth-century land records, nineteenth-century transcriptions of church records, published books, and unpublished manuscripts, many of them in NEHGS's R. Stanton Avery Special Collections Department. This book incorporates some material from Mrs. Smith's series of articles in the Register.

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